Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 13 - "pick a blog idea from my notes and run with it" challenge

Day 13 - Religion


Probably not the best topic to be discussing at the moment. Or maybe it is THE topic to be discussing. I am not sure.

All I know is that it's a little too sensitive right now for me to start spouting my opinions on religion. So I will only share what else I jotted down on the subject the day I put this in my notes:

"Religion. Spirituality. Believe in myself. Be good. Get good. Not organized."

That says all I need to and want to on the topic today.

Day 12 - "pick a blog idea from my notes and run with it" challenge

Day 12 - Dreams.

Ah dreams.

I am a big dreamer. Not in the sense of wishes, goals and desires, but honest to goodness sleepy time dreams.

I am a very vivid dreamer.  My dreams can usually be tied to something, and even though they seem odd, I can make sense of them for the most part, or at least explain them away.

Occasionally I will have a super weird dream. One that makes no sense. One that I can not place the people, situations or feelings. I love these dreams because they make me question myself.  I am always present in my dreams. They seem to happen in real time except for the occasional dream within a dream, where I wake up from my dream but in reality I am still in it.

Dreams are so strange. You can wake up from one with a plethora of emotions swirling in your head.

I have woken up with tears streaming down my cheeks, pissed off at my partner or highly aroused.  It is amazing how your body reacts to your emotions even when you aren't consciously experiencing them.

I love dreaming.  Even when they evoke sadness or fright.  I love it because I own it. I own it completely. Even though I am sharing the moment in my mind with people, I really do not have to share it with anyone.  Once I wake up, I can decide whether or not to allow someone into that moment.

Sometimes your dreams can defy your ethics and morals. Other times it allows you to be more vulnerable than you are. And choosing to keep those feelings or share them is completely up to the dreamer.

I often blame my self conscious for my dreams.  I worry I must be harboring some ill intentions or desires to make situations come out in my head that otherwise I never would consider.

Have you ever dreamt you had an intimate moment with a co-worker?  Eeeeek?  What is THAT?

Or you wake up so scared from your near death experience and climb all over your partner, never getting close enough, all the while making sure you accidentally wake them up to save you?

And the famous infidelity dreams, Not yours, theirs.  Waking up so angry you can't even speak, much less look, at your cheating spouse?

I love dreaming.  Even when I hate it.